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Arboriculture/Urban Forest Memorial Scholarship

In August of 2006, the Professional Arborist Association of Mississippi and the Mississippi Urban Forest Council established the Arboriculture/Urban Forest Memorial Scholarship at Mississippi State University. 

The Mississippi State University Foundation uses the gift from Professional Arborist Association of Mississippi and Mississippi Urban Forest Council to establish an annual scholarship for deserving students enrolled at Mississippi State University in the College of Forest Resources.  The recipient of this scholarship must be a student in the urban forestry option of the Forestry major with an interest in Arboriculture and should be in good standing with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0–3.5. 

Each award will be for $1,000 per year or $500 per semester. Funds will not be given directly to the recipients; rather, the university business office will credit recipients’ tuition and fee expenses each semester. 

2021-2022 Henry Zeringue
2020-2021 Henry Zeringue
2019-2020 Adam McKnight
2018-2019 Adam McKnight
2017-2018 Katrina Henn
2016-2017 Adam McKnight
2015-2016 David Young
Scholarship Recipients
2014-2015 Angela Drummond
2013-2014 David Young
2012-2013 Matthew Hussey
2011-2012 David Ohlrich
2010-2011 Matthew Hussey
2009-2010 John Formby
2008-2009 Wesley Hall
2007-2008 Stephen Last



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